Protect your workforce with SoundBarrier™

Excessive noise can threaten more than just hearing

At least 2.5 million workers are estimated to be at risk from noise hazards in the UK alone.

Continuous exposure can also have psychological effects including stress, fatigue, inability to concentrate and sleep disturbance.

Not surprisingly, legislation requires all employers to provide ear protection for their employees according to their exposure. Choosing the right type of hearing protector however is easier said than done. Traditional ear muffs and disposable ear plugs tend to be ill-fitting, often uncomfortable and obtrusive. If employees don’t feel comfortable with them, there is a temptation not to wear them. And that means poor compliance and consequently the risk of hearing loss.

Small, unobtrusive and sophisticated hearing defenders that fit into the ear and are suitable for all types and levels of sound.

They are specifically engineered from a soft medical grade silicon and manufactured to the shape of an ear and its canal to give a comfortable and perfect fit. This is achieved by first taking an impression of the ear with a quick setting putty-like material. The impression is taken back to our laboratory and used to form a mould from which a medical grade silicon SoundBarrierTM is produced.
We can produce SoundBarrierTM in a variety of bright colours so that employer can easily see whether they are being worn in very high risk noise areas.

Benefits to the employer:

  • Effective protection for your workforce against dangerous levels of noise with hearing defenders they will want to use.
  • With current legislation stating employers’ responsibility for the wearing of ear protection by all members of staff in noisy environments, the use of bright colours means no more worries as ear protection can easily be seen.
  • No continual checking and replacement of disposable devices, as well as significantly reducing waste.
  • SoundBarrierTM may be used with any type of head and eye protection
  • No worries about temporary entry of personnel into noisy areas when everyone has personal SoundBarrier protection.
  • Long life and durability- hearing defenders that last for years.
  • Reduce your absentee rate by using SoundBarrierTM to improve the working environment where noise is a nuisance or an aggravation.
  • Cost effectiveness.

Benefits to the employee:

  • Your own personal tailor-made hearing defenders cannot be used by someone else.
  • All day comfort.
  • Protection against all levels and types of noise – constant, variable, intermittent or impulse.
  • SoundBarrierTM may be used with any type of head and eye protection
  • Very small, lightweight and easy to clean hearing defenders that do not get in the way.
  • Hearing defenders that are always with you in their own carrying case you keep in pocket or purse.

SoundBarrierTM products are not just for use where legislation requires hearing defenders to be worn.

They can be used in any situation where a comfortable, convenient method of noise reduction is required for work or leisure activities. Here are some examples where SoundBarrierTM products are the ideal choice:


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